Getting Started with PHP 7.4
14, December 2019

Yes, another member has been added to PHP7 family.

Okay but, That title has betrayed you.

This post is not like a tutorial or guideline for you to start using PHP 7.4. This post is to let you know that I am starting this blog with topics about PHP 7.4. Next few blog post will try to inform you about some of the key points of new PHP version.


Man, What an awesome release PHP 7 was. Just when PHP was dying (debatable), PHP Next Generation AKA PHP 7 came and rescued us. With lots of new implementations in internal codebase (specially arrays), Not only the performance improved, It showed us that modern we development is still possible with PHP.

PHP still has lots of quirks all over the place, but we like to face those challenges. Girls like "dangerous boys", right?

PHP 7.4

Within all the talk about new & shiny things, PHP internals did not forget that some inconsistent/unexpected behavior still remains from the old days, and we need to clean (deprecate) them. While people was wondering what will be the best Big Thing in PHP 8 (still wondering though), They decided that we need a "deprecate-only" release before PHP 8. So Nikita Popov (A robot who constantly working to make PHP better) made his kill list which contains all the things that would be deprecated in PHP 7.4. So PHP 7.4 meant to be a boring release that cleans up stage for arrival of PHP 8.

Is PHP 7.4 really that boring?

No. Again, blame Nikita for that. He prepared this awesome feature called "Typed Properties" and aimed it to release in PHP 7.3. But due to time constraint, They decided to release it with PHP 7.4 and that's how this "feature train" started. Later, more and more features were being added to this release. Preloading, FFI, Arrow functions..... You name it. PHP 7.4 came to become the most feature rich release after 7.0

That's why you should never loose hope, If a "deprecate only" "boring" release can become so much feature rich, Then you can achieve success too.

Why am I starting this Blog?

When I was student, my grandfather used to say, "To memorize things properly, you need to write things down."

So let it be. I have decided to write down all the techie things I need to memorize (understand) in this blog site just so I can copy them later on.

Wish me Luck!